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From its humble beginning, the company steadily gained market share. Its consistent growth is attributed to the vision and true dedication of its founders and extreme hard work of the Hi-Tech Feeds team. Starting from our top management down to the baggage handlers, their unflinching character under the direst situations has helped us to maintain product quality and consistency. Trust, cooperation and ethical business practices have been the hallmarks of our success.

We are humbled by the fact that Hi tech feeds is one of the largest feed manufacturers in Pakistan. Our door-to-door delivery policy helps to ensure that our feed is delivered to even the most remote areas across Pakistan. Our secret to success is a constant strife to uphold and further the trust between Hi-Tech Feeds and the farmers.


Hi-Tech Feed mills are equipped with US and Dutch pellet lines. The production process is completely automated. Our well equipped laboratory ensures the quality control of feeding stuffs at the time of procurement and finished feed after processing.  A highly technical person having Doctorate degree in the field of Animal Nutrition with associate team of Nutritionists and Chemists is running quality control and research & development department. Intensive research & extensive feeding trials at R&D centre lead us to formulate a perfectly balanced & efficient feed for poultry and livestock.


We have the highest number of sales and feedback staff comprising of veterinarian doctors. These representatives guide the farmers with their technical expertise through the course of placing and rearing their flocks. Above all they instill a relationship of trust, which as mentioned earlier, is our most prized possession.


Our distribution network intricately spans both urban and rural areas of Pakistan. With distributors throughout the country we are insured an even spread that cushions our sales targets.


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